01 April 2013

Put yer feet up, it's time for a picture show

(October, November & December 2012 - stuff I wanted to post about before it vanished from my memory)

October 2012, I attended a script reading at my former landlord's flat. She's now writing scripts and when she came by my market stall at the end of September I told her I'd be happy to read anything she's working on (I used to be a script editor) and so she invited me for the table read. I took the long way to get there, taking a detour through the botanic gardens, and when I arrived I couldn't believe the amazing table spread - it was all so beautiful. I ended up reading a wee part, so those acting classes came in handy and it was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Season of mists
Season of mists

Autumn Frost
Autumn Frost

tea time

Glasgow 21101233

Glasgow 21101230

These are some of pieces from a photoshoot I did last Autumn for Little Soap Suds. They look edible, but are truly just delicious smelling soap.

Black Forest Gateau SOAP
Black Forest Gateau SOAP

Sugar Soap Mice
Sugar Soap Mice

Oreo Cookie Cupcake Soap
Oreo Cookie Cupcake Soap

November 11, 2012 my buddy Caroline and I decided to check out Tollcross Park, a 91 acre park located just three miles from Glasgow city centre. I'd stumbled across this when searching for.... well, fuck, I was searching for something, just can't remember what, but we'd both been looking for somewhere close for a photo wander and there ya go. The big surprise when we arrived, however, was that this place has a Children's Farm AND a Secret Garden. Never found the garden, but did find these:


Mansion House
Mansion House

This is a closeup of the house detail. I can't quite put my finger on the why of it, but this looks kinda familiar ;-D
Mansion House

Silver Sebright
Silver Sebright

Pleurotus cornucopiae (Paulet) Rolland - Branched Oyster Mushroom
Tollcross Park

Zebra Finch
Zebra Finch

While wandering about by the (internationally famous) rose garden, we came upon Jessie - a super nice lady at the park who comes to feed the birds. While she was posing for Caroline, I snuck a photo. Or two.

After the park, Caroline and I went to the No 1 Chocolate Factory for a late lunch. This was incredibly yummy. And I ate every bit of it.
No 1 Chocolate Factory

November 18, 2012 my friend Petra and I went across to Edinburgh to look at some flats (for her) and to have a wander about town.

Sandy Irvine Robertson O.B.E
Sandy Irvine Robertson O.B.E

View of Western Harbour Breakwater from Handmade Burger Co. at the Ocean Terminal mall:
Western Harbour Breakwater

December 2012 saw me across to Edinburgh for not one, but TWO consecutive trips. The first one, it was too damn cold out so Sarah and I abandoned my photo buddies and made a bee-line for the pub. The second trek I met up with an old friend first thing in the morning and then that afternoon caught up to Sarah again and we spent a few more hours walking, chatting, eating, and me taking the occasional photo (ya know, the usual):

seen at the German Market - this smelled amazing
... and everything nice

Leith Street Footbridge
Leith Street Footbridge

St Cuthbert's Church
St Cuthbert's Church

Edinburgh 15121205

Merry Christmas

And finally... on December 7, 2012, while walking home past the Science Centre, I was treated to a surprise fireworks display!

Colours of Glasgow

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

(one more entry for 2012 to come ... _Christmas in Paris_)

04 March 2013

Out with the old

I still love this lamp, but my feelings towards the lampshade were significantly cooler. For a couple of years I'd be keeping my eye out for a bargain, knowing that my unemployed ass couldn't be throwing away food money on something trivial - but damn I was getting really tired of looking at that thing.
My desire for change received a jolt when I accidentally (truly!) broke the shade, somehow pulling it off of the frame. Probably happened on one of the occasions when it had fallen off the mantle because the shade was too fucking big for it to sit on there properly.

I was thrilled! ecstatic! downright gleeful when last month I came across a small brown lampshade marked down to £1. I got home and set about taking the plastic wrap off. Fifteen curse riddled minutes later I removed the old shade and proudly attempted to to install new one. Except it was the wrong fitting.


So it sat there for another couple of weeks until I finally decided to hell with it and dismantled the old shade. I had visions of reworking an old scarf into a new shade but quite quickly realized I did not have the patience to see that project through. I then cut the bottom rim to make it the same size as the top rim, pulled out an old bamboo placemat, attached it to the rims, and then sewed a trim using detail work from the old scarf.

It's not the perfect shade, but it's not a broken one and the lamp FINALLY sits safely on the mantle. And that's enough. For now.

I kept the new "wrong" shade, putting it on the lamp in my office. And the now not needed but still new lampshade I removed from the office I added to the gigantic pile of stuff that was donated to the charity shop.

warm hands, warm heart

When my sisters came to visit in August, they brought some yarn for me. I'd been wanting to make another blanket (I enjoy crocheting, although I only know ONE stitch) but wool is so expensive here. Plus, I like the synthetic stuff that can be thrown in the washing machine.

Anyhoo, when I was cleaning out the flat in preparation for a pickup from the charity shop (woot) I came across the bag of yarn and decided to start on that lap blanket.

Took me a few days, but there ya go. It's warm, it's soft, and the colours go with my bedroom beautifully.


06 December 2012

Déjà New

I've been doing the same walk now for 2.5 months and you'd think it'd get boring looking at the same old things day in and day out.

you'd think.

but man, oh, man every day is something new...

full circle

Clydeside. Again.

cold sunrise on the River Clyde

sunrise at Clyde Arc & Mavisbank Gardens

the break of day

(the arc looks rounder in some photos depending on where I was standing when taking the shot - this bridge is locally called "the Squinty")

11 November 2012

All in a Day's Work

I've walked 500 miles, now I'm gonna walk 500 more! I have crossed the halfway mark of my 1,000 mile goal with 503 miles done, I now only have 497 to go. Yay!

This whole "working" thing is messing up my insomnia. I have been sleeping regularly, so much so that even on the weekends I'm waking up at 06:45 without an alarm. And I'm not even cranky about it!

I've decided to try and write an entry, something long overdue. I need to be able to look back and see what I've been doing with this time and, frankly, I don't know that there's a whole lot to tell as I've mainly just been working but seeing as I do have the gift for gab you might as well put your feet up and settle in for another long one...

In September I took on a temporary work assignment with the hopes of getting the longer 11-month contract. I lost out to Princess, who I was told was chosen because she had more experience (wrong) but had my contract extended so I could train the new hire. It sounds a bit harsh to have me train the new hire, however that was something I volunteered for. I am way too poor to turn down any money opportunity. Also, this provided me a unique experience of getting to meet someone who beat me in an interview. As some of you may remember, I keep coming in 2nd place with all my interviews and so now I was going to be meeting this person who I fully expected to be AMAZING.


After meeting her, and attempting to train her for two days (it was only 2 days the first week because she left for holiday for the other 3) I was completely confounded. You know that feeling, when you bump into your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend and you experience a tiny rush of pleasure when you see that she's well, basically uglier and frumpier than you... but then later when you've had a chance to think about it you're like, "hey, wait a minute" 'cause WHY is it she's so much better than you?

Well, that was sort of the feeling I was having. This woman (who is not ugly, by the way - that wasn't the point of reference) is about my age (probably a bit older), and pretty much the same body size as me so I can't see where physically she'd be more appealing unless you count her really sharp wardrobe. It's just, frankly, she doesn't have half the skills I do. She didn't know the software, seems to operate the computer like an old person, is very timid on the telephone, panics at the drop of the hat. Gah! I'd been hoping for pearls of wisdom and all I've come away with is confirmation that I am a lousy salesperson and I really need to learn how to better promote myself in interviews.

In my boss's defense, he'd not worked with me long when he interviewed us, so he hadn't had the chance to be completely dazzled by me. Before the new lady started, though, I had made my mark and it was he who recommended me for this (potential) next contract extension to March. I was told on Friday that my work is impressive and they need someone with my organizational talent and skills to help out on some projects. Yay. Good strokes. I have needed those!

This assignment has been so totally worth it, and not just for the slight increase in pay from unemployment benefits. I'm loving my Janet Jackson headset, which increased my confidence in my ability to communicate via telephone (I haven't told them about my hearing disability). I've met tons of fantastic people, and have laughed, A LOT, every day. I've been the topic of conversation, seeing as I'm the "foreign chick with the hot accent" (ha!) and that has not been entirely unpleasant to deal with. As for the work... it's not hard, per se, but not completely mindless. I'm having to think strategically all day long, so between that and the walking 4 miles I'm now sleeping every night and feeling really good both mentally and physically. I'm feeling a bit pressed for time, but that's because I'm out of practice with this kind of routine. I'm sure I'll settle in eventually.

In other news...

I've run two Market Stalls now (one in August, one in September) and while I don't mind doing them I didn't make enough money to make the effort seem worthwhile. I didn't actually lose any money on it, however, so I haven't written them off altogether. Unfortunately, I needed to have jumped on it and booked the November/December by this summer so it looks like I will have to miss this holiday season - but I can plan for next year! That gives me plenty of time to get new product in and design a better transport system and table layout.

I was going to bookclub, but haven't been since I started the temp job. I have so much to do by the time the weekend arrives, I don't feel I can spare the time, but I've also been way too busy to read so I'm not exactly actively participating anyway. While I miss reading, and the company of other humans that read, I've really missed these:
hazelnut latte

At the beginning of September the big huge campaign I'd been working on, for the women's centre, had its launch at the Scottish Parliament. It was so cool so see the things I'd designed on a wee netbook be larger than life and impressive, if I do say so myself. (Damn, I do some good work!) The ladies ran this event so professionally, and I was so proud to be a part of it.

I didn't pick up the camera again until the end of the month, when I pulled out Hester to capture this snail crossing the sidewalk. I call this "Destination Unknown". Heh.
destination uknown

And from there I've found something to capture my eye nearly every day and both ways of my commute. It's a bit repetitious seeing River Clyde reflection shots on a daily basis, but I'm enjoying the variations of light and colour. A couple weeks ago I altered my route a little (only so much I can do, there is pretty much just one way to go) to get different angles on the same subjects.

Here is a typical morning reflection of the 'The Armadillo' (SECC/Clyde Auditorium), 'The Hydro'(in progress), and the 'Finnieston Crane':
all quiet on the riverfront

and then the Armadillo and Hydro on the walk home from work:
Armadillo & Hydro

Two variations of Mavisbank Gardens:
Mavisbank Gardens

Glasgow 15101210

The Finnieston Crane, Clyde Arc bridge, and more Mavisbank Gardens apartments:
one day, at a time

Clydeside. Again.

One morning, I was walking along Govan Road and had crossed to take a photo of this:
boldly go

When I looked over and spotted this:
morning glory

(shouldn't be a surprise now to anyone WHY I need nearly an hour to walk just 2 miles to work)

In October Petra and I went to Greenbank Garden, just outside of Glasgow, and spent the (COLD) morning wandering around the walled gardens and then in the surrounding outer woods. I really, really enjoyed the amazing trees of the woods but think my favorite part was the water fountain called "Foam".

Greenbank House
frosted flower
Greenbank Garden 07101272
comes around
Helenium Waltraut

I've also had a studio photoshoot with some amazing soaps that look like cake, and participated in a script reading but I'll leave those tales for another entry...